CRAFTY-EU is a spatially-explicit agent-based model of land use change in Europe. It is an application of the CRAFTY modelling framework (

The model operates at 10-min resolution and includes agricultural, forestry, urban and conservation land uses at a range of intensities. The model simulates the provision of a range of ecosystem services, and is linked to the global LandSyMM model ( to account for global effects including trade of food commodities.

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CRAFTY is an open-access modelling framework and full details can be found here: (

Competition for Resources between Agent Functional Types (CRAFTY)

CRAFTY is a large-scale agent-based modelling (ABM) framework for the simulation of land use change. It is designed to allow efficient but powerful simulation of a wide range of land uses across large geographical extents, based on the decision-making of simulated land managers who generate a variety of ecosystem services. It is fully open-source and can be used without the need for any programming.

The basic framework is described in Murray-Rust et al. 2014, and the following variations and applications have also been produced:

  • CRAFTY-Sweden: Blanco et al. (2017)
  • CRAFTY-EU: Brown et al. (2019)
  • Institutional modelling: Holzhauer et al. (2019)

Model webpage:

Model repository:

Model wiki:


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Release information

Release Version 2.0 (September 2021) is the second release of the CRAFTY-EU outcome files, including all the results in CSV format. The files provide summary and spatially explicit information on scenarios and outcomes for the RCP-SSP combinations. To download results, please click the links below. Data is archived in Open Science Framework: